Finding Innovative Ideas

Some argue that business has only two functions – marketing and innovation, yet more often that not companies fail because they approach innovation as if it is an art, as if it can only be done by certain people who cost a lot of money, assuming random moments of genius or inspiration will help them win. It won’t.  Sterling Tate helps companies achieve long-term success in today’s unpredictable and competitive market by adding discipline and order to systematically discover new sources of growth.

How we can help

Sterling Tate helps companies see and seize new and valuable business opportunities.  Our experienced team of strategists, designers, and researchers approach challenges from a multitude of angles.  Taking great care to find balance between strategy and exploration, practicality with ambition, and creativity with discipline, we untangle the most challenging of business knots and create solutions that are guaranteed to have lasting impact.

We believe in and support our clients following their innovative aspirations.

About our services

  • Set innovation strategyWorking next to our clients executives, we explore how forces of change have the potential to impact the organization and industry, and identify where opportunities lie within the seemingly chaotic landscape. We then help diagnose and address internal breakdowns. Finally, we advise senior executives on their responsibilities for taking innovative initiatives forward.
  • Design, build, and deploy innovations. We work side by side with companies to turn new opportunities and ideas into businesses. We use strategy, marketing, and analytics to refine, pilot, and deploy the new business or innovative product.
  • Become better innovators. Sustained innovation requires discipline, experience and competance. We help clients develop their own signature innovation capabilities, systems, and models that are specific to their organization.

Bottom Line Benefits

  • Sustain innovation effectiveness by customizing innovation capabilities
  • Discover the unmet needs of current and future customers
  • Create new sources of revenue
  • Drive higher returns on innovation investments
  • Build new service/product offerings and businesses.

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