Creating a clear path

Marketing executives are torn in two directions.  In one direction, they are expected to create growth strategies, build marketing capabilities, design an organization that highlights customer experience, push innovation, bring solid knowledge to their organization about new social, digital, and mobile channels, and bring the realistic voice of their clients into the firms decisions.  At the same time, they are under pressure to leverage new marketing technologies and show quick results and returns.  Balancing the long-term strategies in a short-term environment is no easy task.

Sterling Tate’s Marketing Strategy professionals work with executives to design and deliver marketing strategies that lead to real growth for organizations.  Our services encompass: Marketing Operations Transformation, Marketing Strategy Design & Deployment, and Customer Experience and Service Transformation.

About our services

Solutions that provide true competitive advantage.

While industry benchmarks are no doubt useful, competitive advantage often comes from looking outside the box of industry practices and trends. Creating next-in-class capabilities and strategies is the key to unlocking growth. Sterling Tate combines innovative strategy with industry and functional knowledge to create extraordinary, yet practical solutions for our clients.

Empathy for the consumer. We understand what drives consumer behavior and its implications for organizations.  To find success with new, intertwined channels it is imperative to have a ruthless focus on understanding the drivers of your consumers behavior.

Proprietary, cutting-edge methodologies.  We help our clients reach all the destinations along their growth roadmap so they achieve the growth rates that are teachable, transparent, and intuitive.  Our consulting style leaves a sustainable growth pattern, engages your organizations teams, and uncovers and addresses internal barriers to growth.

A knack for creating winning capabilities. Sustainable growth is rooted in stronger marketing and customer-engagement capabilities.  Sterling Tate builds marketing capabilities that span the “traditional” like customer insights and global brand strategy to new capabilities like online multichannel management and incredibly important implementation and use of advanced analytics to properly inform decision marketing and marketing operations.

A fresh approach.  You do not want to be provided with the same old strategy, and we will not give it to you!  Sterling Tate is committed to providing the right solutions for your organization. We are not attached to any one technology, provider, data source, or outsourcing.

New CMO Bridging. We design tailored transition programs that allow new CMOs to explore priorities, capabilities, talent, and relationships. The result: a six-month game plan that leads to success.

We help our clients develop:

  • Marketing Plans (strategic, tactical, contingent)
  • Growth rate improvements.
  • Customer loyalty and retention rate improvements.
  • Improvements in marketing and customer-service spending effectiveness.
  • Earnings per share growth through marketing actions associated with transformational strategies.

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